Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chocoflan & Mug Rug

 Watched this cake being made on
Mexican Made Easy with Marcela Valladolid 
and knew I had to make it for my daughter-in-law Karen's birthday last week.
It was as good as it looks, only one piece left of what we brought home to share tonight.
It is the most amazing cake you will ever make, the batter is put in the pan, then the flan poured on top. 
When it is baked the cake rises to the top.

 Front and back of a new Mug Rug I made today. I should be doing the ironing and vacuuming, but that will wait. Wanted to get this finished so I can pop it in the mail today. Still using up my scraps. and tried sewing on the binding with the machine only. I do enjoy hand sewing the binding but had no time today.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

 All flowery fabric for my hexies this week. Just counted and this makes 74, but I see I have already made and posted the upper right blue one. Oh well they don't all have to be different. Not sure how many I will make before I decide how to put them together. 

 Now for my latest obsession, rug mugs. They are 9" X 6". I am trying to use up some of my scraps, but had to cut a few strips for the bindings.

 Mailing the first two to my son's girlfriend in Winnipeg.

 Tried to find some motifs to frame, I don't seem to have very many good ones.
 Fish from a nickle square.
 The right panel got kind of crooked, but was my 3rd one I made, still like it.
 Second, still on the crazy quilt theme.
First one ever.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

I know Valentine's Day is over but I found some more fabric with hearts so here they are.
By the way we just laid this new flooring in the kitchen last weekend and I love it.

The Amaryllis my friend Kelly game me is blooming. Two flowers of the four are out and I figured I had better get a photograph just in case something happened to it.
There are two cats in the house who don't get along. Boo will be leaving with my son Friday so our household will be back to normal. My old cat Nikki just can't accept him and our Border Collie Mac thinks it is his job to keep them under control and let us know when they are looking at each other before they even start to fight.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

With Valentine's Day next week I thought I would get an early start. 

Still lots of snow but the weather is warming up, -12C today, and sunny.

I am still trying to get used to the cold after being away for most of January to Arizona. Spent  2 weeks in Yuma going back and forth to Mexico for dental work, eye glasses and hearing aides. My husband and I both got some dental work done in Algodones, Mexico. I can't believe how much money we saved. I got 8 silver filling replaced with white ones, 2 bridges and 2 more white fillings for less than I spent on 1 root canal and crown a couple of years ago. The tooth cracked and had to be pulled so it was a waste of money in the first place.

My husband finally admitted to hearing loss and to my surprise had a hearing test while I was in the dentist chair. He came away with 2 hearing aides, also for 1/3 the price at home. He stuck them on and has had no problems, they are over the ear type with little tubes sitting in the ear and he
says how good it is to hear again. He has high frequency hearing loss so he couldn't hear me Ha Ha. It sure is nice not having the TV loud and he even turns it down now instead of up. I also realized how much stress not being able to hear had caused him, he is more relaxed not having to strain to hear.

While we were in Arizona we started stopping along the road to search for rocks in the desert. We found some very interesting and different ones.

Also took in the Quartzite POW WOW, a huge rock and gem show. There were so many rocks I even lost interest after 1/3 of the way through, although I did find more beads and rocks to buy. While in Laughlin, Nevada we found another rock and gem sale which was being held in the RV park across the road from the Avi Resort & Casino we were staying in. I found a wonder lady selling findings and more interesting beads at a reasonable price. Now I have to get busy and make some pendants.  There was a couple there from Saskatchewan who will be selling at the

Calgary Rock and Lapidary Club Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show ... Sunday, May 8, 2011 10 am - 5 pm. West Hillhurst Arena 1940 - 6 Avenue NW, Calgary, Alberta.

Hope to see them there.

What a nice place the resort was, we've never gambled but broke down and spent a few dollars and I do mean a few. I cashed in when I doubled my $1.00 much to my husband's amusement. I walked away with a whopping  $3.50 profit. I am afraid they lost money on us, gave us both a free breakfast buffet and the room was only $21.60 including taxes. It made a good base to explore the surrounding area.Well enough of my travelogue, maybe more pictures next time, I'm cutting up some cotton pajama bottoms to make a quilt and have to get back at it.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

Yikes, what a difference a week makes. 
Last week we were in Arizona, now we are home in Alberta. 

I had to dig my way to the compost bin. Good thing we left the posts high when we built it. I see we forgot to put the rototiller away, I am thinking it is the old one and we didn't care.
 Oh well, here are 3 of the flowers I did while away. One for Canada, one for the sunny day and one for the cold and snow at home.