Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

Only one new flower this week, but it is an interesting colour combination. 

Also got 15 hexies added to make my total 90.

With shorter days, the sun is rising later and has made for some beautiful sun rises. Although sometimes it is difficult to capture. I see it, have to get on a coat, shoes, grab my camera and get to the edge of the yard so I have a clear shot. I headed outside before the sun was up, missed my planned shot but caught the sun just behind the neighbour's farm.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

Well I'm back from our annual trip to the Okanagan in BC. Traveled to Salmon Arm, where we spent the night. Bought some cheese at Gort's Gouda and visited a new winery called Ovino, very good white wine. To Kelowna, for another night and lunch at Freddy's Brew Pub.Then off to Penticton for 3 nights, my favourite place out there. My brother and his wife drove out and met us in Penticton. We spent the next couple of days doing wine tastings at some of the many wineries there now. Found good deals on fruit and vegetables also and brought back a couple boxes of goodies.

I remember the first time we went to the wine festival in Penticton over 20 years ago, there were little wineries selling wine out of their garages, now most of them have built fancy tasting rooms. The wines aren't much better but the prices are getting ridiculous. We pick and choose our favourites who haven't inflated their prices too much.

I got 5 hexies done on the road, and 8 added to the top when we got home. The total is 75 now.

Just north of Keremeos there was a bear along the side of the road eating chokecherries. Lots of cars were stopped and people wee taking pictures. We got out and took some too, but there was one woman who walked right up to tree, before we told her to be careful, she was too close.

Also stopped at Hardy Falls just south of Peachland to watch the Kokanee spawning. We were earlier then usual this year and didn't see as many dead ones. We also saw a black bear on the other side of the stream but he went into the bush and I didn't get a good uicture.