Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wire Bookmarks

 Here are my simple tools.
The big block in the front is the front weight from an old rototiller.
I mounted a plane bottom I found at the recycle, and put in a few dowels as jigs to use when bending my wire. It was hard to figure out where to drill the holes for them, but they kind of work.
I bought a new ball peen hammer but it leaves marks on my hammered bookmarks, so I dug out the old wooden handled one. I must admit the wooden handle is better for my wrists and hands. And of course ear protectors, I didn't use them the first time I hammered and my ears hurt after wards.

 Three different textures, the one on the left is hammered on the plane bottom, the middle is on the rototiller weight, and the right one has been gone over with a wire brush attachment on the grinder.
I used 10 gauge copper wire from the hardware store, that I stripped of its plastic coating.
Bends easy and the hammering hardens it some.

 Don't get your finger between the end of the hammer and the bookmark!
I had a blister on my thumb that just healed.

A finished bookmark with some bits from my husbands parts tray that I wound some copper wire around.

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Karen said...

I love it!