Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

Started sewing my hexies together for the new top. I found a new blue but now looking at the pictures it should have been in the first round, looks lighter to me. Oh well, will see how it looks next to the darker blues I have.

The snow is finally melting, and there are huge puddles around. Luckily the ones in the yard are sinking into the ground overnight.

Granddaughter Violet came and stayed the night. She had a hard time keeping up to Mac.

You can see how much the snow has melted in 4 days.

 Went to the river Sunday to see if the Great Blue Herons are back. Didn't see any, they must have moved their rookery.

Here a couple of pictures of the Herons taken April 11, 2009. 

I wonder what they think of the Great Horned Owl? Not a great picture but you can see the top if it's head.

A pair of Geese also took the advantage of a free nest. 

Are you coming?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Almost a Grandmother's Flower Garden

Well, here is the start of my new top. Trying to make it in the watercolor landscape style. I don't know if I can make it look like it does in my imagination but I'll give it a try. Not quite a Grandmother's flower garden, but there will be hexie flowers in there further down.

I might give my sun longer rays. It sure is hard to place the hexagons without too much planning while making it random, and flowing from light to dark.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Cast Iron Bed

Ready for Battle
I always use a mask when working with wood and doing any sanding now. I made some cedar birdhouses a while ago and it really bothered my lungs, so I bought this stylish mask.
If you noticed the cross stitched picture above, I entered it in the 1994 Calgary Stampede's Creative Living & Handicrafts and won 3th place.  I'll try and find the piece I won 1st with for the next post.
We bought an antique cast iron bed 3 or 4 years ago at a garage sale and used it as it was. This spring we decided to redo our guest bedroom after our son moved out. Painted the walls, re tilled the floor and refinished the old bed.
Foot Board Before
Head Board After Sanding

Finished Bed
 I've had this quilt top done for a couple of years with the plan of using it in this room. Now I will have to get busy and finish it. The pattern is Scrappy Floating Stars.
The oak dresser was my Grandmother's that my Mother refinished for me as a surprise 35 years ago.
The room still needs pictures and curtains, trying to decide if the pictures should be old family ones.

Bridge Arm Lamp
I found this neat old lamp at another garage sale a couple of years ago that I thought would go in my new room. I have to decide what kind of lamp shade to put on it, or maybe I will make one of those fancy beaded ones if I can find the right frame.
Curtain Rods
I just remembered I had these curtain rods. I bought them at the Strathmore Hotel's garage sale years and years ago. I kick myself now, because everything we bought that day was priced at $2.00 an item or box. Of course you think I don't really need it, but what the heck for $2.00 I'll buy it.
Another decision, which pair should I use?
What started out to be a post about the bed turned into so much more.