Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

Added 7 more flowers over the past 2 weeks, making the total 36. Slowly growing. The twin grandkids from Winnipeg got here last Tuesday, so have been busy with them. Went camping for a couple of days, today off to pick up Violet and go to a play centre with the 3 of them.

 Blue shoes this week to go with the quilt top.

House Sparrow coming in with food for babies.

 Sheep River Falls

Friday, July 08, 2011

Crazy Quilting Friday

I found a cute pig for my centre this week. I might do more embellishments later, when more inspiration hits me. 
I finally found my old tatting shuttles and did a few pieces, to add to my crazy quilt squares. I was glad my tatting skills only needed a bit of practice to gat back into it. My first shuttle belonged to my grandmother Pearl and is a french ivory one (celluloid) and was  probably made in the 1910s - 1920s.
I tried some different embroidery, the little butterflies on the lower left were fun to do.

This this little piggy reminded me that my husband's grandmother's maiden name was Pigg. I think I will embroidery the name Nora somewhere on it for her.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

One Flower Wednesdays

5 more flowers added this week, that makes the total 29, slowly growing into a quilt. Granddaughter Violet is out for a couple of days and held it up for me in the bright morning sun.

A nest of baby House Sparrows waiting for their next meal.
I tried a new nest box design with an oval hole. It was supposed to be for Tree Swallows but the sparrows claimed it first. The hole works good, as more babies can get their heads out at once.

Mac's a father
The neighbour's Scotch Collie came for a visit and the result is 7 puppies. The funny thing is they are all black, some with white paws, tail tips and chests.

Our wild pathway
  I planted a couple sedums years ago and they have gradually made their way all around our house in the gravel pathway. There are some Gypsy Baby's Breath that reseeds itself also. I love the random wild look, and the colours are so pretty right now.

Mystery Plant
This plant has been growing at my husband's parent's farm for years. His sister owns the farm now and pointed it out to me in an area where some buildings used to be. I brought a few plants home a couple of years ago and they reseed themselves. I haven't been able to identify it, but I think it is a Hellebore. I have never seen it anywhere else. 

Violet Helping
Violet helped bring in the laundry. I am going to teach her what weeds look like today, ha ha, no it's not child labour!

Friday, July 01, 2011