Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another cold day, -32C (-25.6F) this morning at 9:00. Missed the full moon by a couple of days. Yesterday was -34.5C (-30F), Friday is supposed to go all the way to -1C (31F). We do live in a crazy area!
Nikki hasn't ventured outside, but likes to look out and watch the birds.

 This is a great cookbook, I found for a few dollars at a garage sale. It has just about every soup you could want to make. Every recipe I have tried has been good so far.

  Pictured is a beef cabbage soup with dumplings I made for supper last night. The dumplings had cornmeal, corn and cheese; a different take on what I usually make. They were almost too light, but still tasty.

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Karen said...

Oh so cold! We reached a high of 58F today and I cut the lawn, but that will soon end.