Wednesday, December 01, 2010

One Flower Wednesdays and Upcoming Craft Sale

Managed to get 2 hexies done last night.

I think I am finally finished making items for the craft sale at the UFA this Saturday.
I am hoping it won't be too cold, it is being held in their greenhouse.
Below are 30 mostly sea glass wire wrapped necklaces.  My sister-in-law picked up the sea glass in Peurto Rico early this year on their holiday. She has made necklaces also. Wish us luck with the sale.
I didn't know it would be so hard to find a good place to photograph this. My house is so filled with stuff I don't have a very large open area, and it is too bright outside with all the snow. I finally took this in my bedroom against the door with the blinds pulled to keep out the sunshine.  Not all that clear, but I already tipped it over once,  had to rearrange the necklaces, and I'm running out of patience.

 I had lots of fun making these bookmarks. I scavenged some of the dangly bits from a computer key board, my husbands parts drawer, the local re-cycle give and take, leftover beads, and a few from a bead store.  

 I am trying to capitalize on the present trend towards using  re-usable grocery bags and sewed 40 tote bags. I've used them for years, and have given them to almost everyone I know.  I even remember trying to use them years ago and the strange looks I got from the grocery baggers. They couldn't figure out why anyone would use their own bag. My son and his wife say everyone comments on the the ones I gave them, so I thought why not try and sell some.


Joke said...

And again two beautiful blue hexieflowers. Such great fabrics you used. They are lovely.

Good luck on the craft sale!

Raewyn said...

Wow you have been busy - good luck at the sale. Your hexie-flowers are lovely.

Marieke said...

Great flowers! And what wonderful things you and your sister-in-law made. Good luck on selling them, but I think you do'nt need that much luck, because you will sell them anyway! They are wonderful!

Catswhiskers said...

beautiful hexis. I like the delicate centre.
Well done you for making the tote bags. Excellent idea.

Gerda Hartman said...

Lovely flowers. Good luck with the sale.

foekie's fashion said...

Lovely hexagonflowers and beautiful necklaces, succes with sale.

Jeanette said...

Your blooms are lovely. Good luck with the craft sale.

Kunzfrau said...

Your Hexi's remind me think of lavender. So beautiful delicate lilac!

Greetings Marion

Lee Prairie Designs said...

For-get-me-not's are one of my favorite flowers next to hexies!!! Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers.

Good luck with you sale!

Carolyn :)

Karen said...

Pretty flowers, so soft and lovely! Good luck at the sale, I think you will do very well.

Wendy said...

Oh my! First of all, your flowers are beautiful. As are those gorgeous necklaces. But my favorites, are the bookmarkers. Such eye candy for me. So pretty, clever, whimsical, yet practical. I like the circuit board and the shoe the best. Good luck at the craft sale!

Renate said...

You made beautiful flowers. I love this lavender!
And how cute are the bookmarks!!